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A little about Mojo…

I know, I know...

You wanna know how to pronounce our name & what it really means, right?

Well, 1st – there is no “H” sound…it’s not pronounced “Moho”, as many think. It is pronounced just as it looks (in English), so you do pronounce the “J” as MOJO.

As for the meaning? We utilize the 3rd definition from the American Heritage Dictionary: “Personal magnetism; charm.” Even better is the definition offered by Marshall Goldsmith, author of a book on the subject: “Mojo is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.

So Mojo really relates to doing meaningful work and feeling happy and satisfied.

Many people assume the “Mojo” in our name, means; Strong or Powerful…well, it also means that to us! We referred to ourselves as the Mojo Crew, long before we changed our company name to Mojo Courier. It took lots of dedication & commitment to enter this market, as the “new guy in town”, just a few short years ago. We have loved every minute of it!

We started business in the fall of 2009 with, 3 old vehicles & big aspirations. Our initial focus was on customer service & building a solid team, but we did manage to grow to 12 drivers by 2014. With our foundation laid, we decided to change our name to one that better fit us. As of January 1st, 2015, we became Mojo Courier LLC, and have since continued to grow.

Our founder has brought us a long way from a contract driver, to a fleet contractor, to what we have now become: a full-fledged Courier operation, which operates all over Florida, and beyond.

You may notice the Gold ring around the “M” in Mojo…Well, that’s a Halo. Are we saying we are perfect? No, just close to it…that’s why it is tilted a bit… no one is perfect. But we never stop trying!

Think of us as your A-Team. Your package gets to its destination as fast and efficiently as possible, with our close-knit team of driver partners. Here at Mojo Courier, we bring together first-class service & cutting-edge technology to take the load off your mind. You can easily place your order from your computer or mobile phone. You can then track your delivery from pick-up to delivery. We can even set you up with an instant email of each POD as soon as your package arrives at its destination.

We have become a very flexible company, serving our customers in a variety of needs/capacities/industries, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto & Truck Parts/Tires
  • Office Supplies
  • Set-Up & Assembly
  • On-demand Shipments
  • …And More!

Mojo Couriers and our driver partners handle anything from a dedicated route to a quick delivery across town or a hot shot out of state.

While our corporate address has always been in Oviedo, we service customers throughout all of Central Florida; from Tampa to Daytona. We also have haul lines traveling as far north as Jacksonville and Gainesville; and as far south as Miami.

The Mojo Mission

To provide a foundation from which we can empower other business owners.


Helping customers grow by taking the distribution responsibility off of their shoulders.


Helping couriers succeed by providing a flow of possible work & sound advice on how to succeed with a transportation business.


Meet Team Mojo

Mojo Courier, LLC has been thriving for more than a decade, and it's high time we shine a spotlight on the incredible team that's the backbone of our operation. Their dedication and hard work are the driving forces that have transformed Mojo into the highly efficient and effective entity it is today.

Mojo is that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.

Marshall GoldsmithAuthor
Founder & CEO

Scott Tooley

First, of course, there’s me, Scott Tooley! I’m the founder and CEO of Mojo Courier, LLC. I have been an entrepreneur all my life & a business coach for many years. After many mistakes, I’m finally doing more right things than wrong. I can’t take all the credit, though. My team is the secret, and I’m glad you’ll finally get the chance to meet them below.

Ross Leaman Operations Manager Mojo Courier
Operations Manager

Ross Leaman

Hello, my name is Ross Leaman. I grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania with my four brothers, and my parents were great teachers who provided us with a godly, love-filled home and a home school education. I briefly went to college for engineering, but soon switched to a course for IT administration.

Then in 2007, I moved to Illinois, while there I learned a lot as part of Leadership Team Development. In late 2011, I moved to Florida to work with a growing courier business.

I have known Scott Tooley for over a decade, and have benefited in many ways, from knowing him as a mentor and friend to now working with him. I have had the pleasure of serving Mojo Courier in many different ways including IT administration, marketing, accounting and since the beginning of 2021 as Operation Manager.

In November of 2011 I started out delivering Amway packages door to door in my car and then in a cargo van. After a few months I moved to a dedicated route delivering truck parts for Freightliner and then Rush Truck Center.

When we started medical deliveries with Westminster Pharmacy, I got a chance to be the lead driver/logistics coordinator for the Orlando location.

After a year and a half with the Pharmacy division, I moved into the truck division with a 16′ box truck, at first moving tires from Savannah to Atlanta and back, and on a more local level for ATD, then making a move up to South Carolina doing residential furniture and mattress deliveries as a two-man team.

In 2018 I moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family. In November of 2022 I married my beautiful wife and now, 2024 we have been in our wonderful home for a year and have a growing family, one daughter and another baby on the way. I work remotely from my home office, occasionally making an appearance in Florida. I feel at my best when I am helping customers and contractors succeed. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals in whatever way I can.

IT & Technology

Lucas Donlon

Lucas Donlon is a IT Consultant with Mojo Courier who helps people develop, use and integrate IT systems. He takes the hassle out of resolving technical problems and provides training to users to maximize the value of technology in the business. In addition to managing the IT systems, he has a passion for software testing.

On a personal note, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, volunteering at church and with Commission 127, landscaping, muscle cars specifically Mustangs, bringing community awareness to autism, and serving a greater God.

Lead Dispatcher

Lys Ramos

Hey All, my name is Lys and I am the Lead Dispatcher for Team Mojo!

Originally from Pennsylvania, having moved to the sunshine state with my family in 2020 to try something new.

Currently at 15 years of customer service and 10 years of supervisory and management experience. Having gravitated to the transportation and logistics from a long haul in the medical field.

I started the workforce at 14 years old giving me the urge to always be committed to my work and always looking for a way to grow. I am business-oriented and have a multitude of experiences at such a young age.

I am always looking forward to learning something new and feeding the motto “Lead by example”!


Jodie McQuay

Hello, my name is Jodie McQuay and I am the marketer for Mojo Courier, LLC. I began my coding adventures in the 90’s as a hobby. The internet was still relatively new and it was the age of dot coms and teenagers spending all day in chat rooms and posting on message boards (and yes, I was one of them). Back then, I thought that websites were something elite or that only businesses created. When I found out that “regular people” could build them too, I was suddenly determined to find out how it was done. I dove in head first, learning several languages and graphic design. I’ve increased my knowledge base and honed my skills over the years, eventually taking courses to fill in any gaps from my self-teaching and earned an AS in Programming. I am thankful to be able to put my hobby skills to work with Mojo Courier by writing company newsletters and engaging with our customers via social media.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Michael, and our 4 furry children. I am also an artist and have grown fond of paint splotches and ink stains on my hands from time to time. My hobbies never stray from technology for too long though, as I build my own applications for personal use and appreciate having some time to zone out with a great video game.


Cherryl Ali

Hello my name is Cherryl Ali.

I started with Mojo Courier around the end of 2013 as a delivery driver for Moran Printing. I also did deliveries and pick-ups for Quest Diagnostics and for Westminster Pharmacy, a medical delivery route.

Then from there, I was offered a position in the Mojo Office as Compliance/Office Manager. My duties involve running the office on a daily basis, also the onboarding process of all drivers.

Dispatch & Assistant Compliance

Ashley Chandler

Ashley is a dispatcher and assistant to the compliance department at Mojo Courier, where attention to detail and organizational expertise ensure efficient operations. Known for dedication and a proactive approach, Ashley excels in multitasking and maintaining compliance standards. In personal life, Ashley enjoys to travel, likes yoga, and is a mom to 3 beautiful kiddos 😉

Dedicated Account Manager

Luis 'Lou' Serrano

Meet Luis “Lou” Serrano, the Dedicated Account Manager at Mojo Courier, LLC, who serves as one of the key people to bring and maintain growth.

While Lou conquers the the complex world of logistics with a flair unmatched by mere mortals, he also acts as a conduit forging partnerships together on client at a time.
Assistant Operations & Recruiting Manager


Dom brings over 20 years of diverse experience to the Mojo team.

With a solid foundation of 15 years in customer service and sales, he excelled from an agent role to management, where he specialized in hiring, coaching, and developing new agents.

For the past five years, he has immersed himself in the logistics industry, serving as a warehouse manager, delivery specialist, and business development professional.

Dom’s current role focuses on recruiting and developing top-tier drivers, managing daily operations, and fostering a strong team environment.

His dedication to finding and nurturing talent, coupled with his commitment to exceptional service, ensures that both drivers and customers receive unparalleled support and reliability.


Mary Moschler

Hi – My name is Mary Moschler. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida but grew up primarily in Titusville where we moved when my dad joined Nasa in the early 60’s. Upon graduation from high school, I moved to the big city of Orlando to seek fame and fortune.

Working full-time and attending college at night, I was finally able to earn my degree in accounting and become a licensed certified public accountant. This career choice provided me with an amazing journey in the world of business where I had the opportunity to meet and work with many wonderful people during my years in public accounting and in chief financial officer positions.

I started working with Scott and Mojo Courier in December of 2021. Over the course of my tenure at Mojo, I have been so impressed with Scott and his philosophy of not only providing excellent customer service, but also his dedication to mentoring and encouraging his team members to achieve their fullest potential. This is why I am proud to be a Mojo team member!

Team Member

Suzy Ring

Meet Suzy Ring, the sun-kissed Sales & Recruiting guru at Mojo Courier, LLC, whose motto “born to be a beach bum” perfectly encapsulates her philosophy on life and logistics.

A proud alumna of Daytona State College, Suzy has mastered the art of closing deals with a surfboard under one arm and a sales ledger under the other.

Hailing from the sandy shores of Coeburn, Virginia, Suzy relocated to Port Orange, Florida, to pursue her true calling: merging beach vibes with business acumen.

Known in the office for her ability to recruit talent with the allure of seaside bonfires, Suzy ensures that every team member can not only ride the wave of logistics challenges but also build sandcastles of success.

When she’s not revolutionizing the courier world, Suzy can be found teaching seagulls the finer points of customer service or searching for the legendary lost shaker of salt.

Join Suzy at Mojo Courier, where every delivery feels like a message in a bottle found on a sun-drenched shore.

Want to join our team?

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We are looking for drivers to contract with Mojo Courier to serve our large customer base.

If you are able to run your own business and have the ability to handle various deliveries in your vehicle, please take a moment to complete our virtual interview!

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