Courier & Transportation Services

Mojo courier prepares for auto parts delivery in Orlando Here at Mojo Courier, we are a very flexible company, serving our customers in a variety of needs/capacities/industries, including: pharmaceuticals, auto and truck parts/tires, office supplies, set-up & assembly, on-demand shipments, and more. Mojo Courier and our driver partners handle anything from a dedicated route, to a quick delivery across town or a hot shot out of state. Whatever the need, we are here. Contact us today and let's get started on your delivery in the Orlando, Oviedo & Casselberry, FL area!


On Demand
We bring technology and good drivers together to provide customizable on-demand shipping solutions to give you a competitive edge and to allow you to focus on your core business. From car to cargo van to box truck or straight truck we have whatever size vehicle you need. No matter what level of service you require your deliveries are facilitated according to your needs.

◾ Stat - Express delivery
◾ 4 Hour - You need it today but not right away
◾ Hotshot - Anything outside of the Orlando metropolitan area
◾ Afterhours - Urgent orders after 5pm that can't wait until the next business day


We have over 7 years of experience providing dedicated services. With the system we have you can get quick status updates and give you and your customer peace of mind. Let us take care of the logistics while you focus on your core business.

When you need efficient transportation and logistics solutions, Mojo Courier provides you with fast, reliable scheduled services. Our scheduled delivery service includes delivery routes, daily shipment sweeps, shipment overflow, inter-office correspondence, or any business task that requires us to repetitively perform a delivery.


Whether it's local or regional distribution, we provide reduced transportation times and maintain shipment integrity along with overall cost effectiveness.

If you currently manage your own transportation fleets, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing your fleet operations to Mojo Courier whether it's a few dedicated drivers or your entire fleet.