Medical Delivery Services

Mojo courier delivers medical supplies in Oviedo Mojo Courier's medical deliveries can be trusted every time. We are experienced with many different types of medical deliveries and we have the ability to focus our team on fulfilling your specific needs.

◾ Home Infusion
◾ Medical Equipment and Supplies
◾ Samples and Specimens
◾ Bio-Medical Samples Delivery
◾ STAT Delivery
◾ Scheduled Stops
◾ Routed Stops
◾ Residential Delivery
◾ Pharmaceuticals
◾ From Wholesale pharmacy to retailer
◾ From Institutional pharmacy to Long-term care/nursing home and assisted-living care facility

When delivering medication or medical supplies, there is no room for error. We know medical deliveries can mean life or death, so we hold ourselves and our driver partners to the highest standards. By measuring daily results and keeping to our proven methods, we meet the needs of our customers every time.

Our technology gives our customers an easy to use dashboard that can provide the information you need to know the location and status of each delivery. We can also use data to find and correct potential problems even before they happen. By utilizing the latest technology (barcode scanning, signature capture, GPS tracking), a fully integrated 24/7 dispatch, online customer secure account access, and our rigorous training, certification and experience, we promise to get your time sensitive medical delivery to its destination on time, every time. Lives may be depending on it - and we take that very seriously.

We have proven methods that can be flexed to meet each customer's needs. We don't monitor the deliveries, we manage them. We will come to you with any ideas and improvements that will enable you to reduce cost, while giving better service to the patients, caregivers or pharmacies that support your business. The healthcare world is moving very fast so we must have the best innovative ideas to lead the way

We are available around the clock to service all of your needs. Visit our contact page for more information about how we can help you in the Orlando, Oviedo & Casselberry, FL area. We look forward to earning your business.