Can I track my delivery?
Yes! Our technology gives our customers an easy to use dashboard that can provide the information you need to know the exact location and status of each delivery. This specifies if your package has been picked up, in transit, and/or delivered. Our status updates are here to give you and your customer peace of mind.

What type of payment do you accept?
Anything! Credit cards, debit cards, ach, cash, etc.

When are you available/open?
We are just a phone call away to service all your courier service and delivery needs:
◾ Stat - Express delivery
◾ 4 Hour - You need it today but not right away
◾ Hotshot - Anything outside of the Orlando metropolitan area
◾ Afterhours - Urgent orders after 5pm that can't wait until the next business day

How Reliable and Professional are your drivers?
Here at Mojo Courier, LLC we take pride in all we do. We only partner with the best of the best to ensure that we are constantly taking the best care for your valuable deliveries. We do not place your deliveries in with just anyone. Our driver partners have extensive training and consistent monitoring.

Is the Company's Pricing Structure Transparent?
There are no hidden fees in our pricing structure. You will receive a quote prior to service that is personalized and agreed upon prior to service completion. We do not charge extra for unforeseen fuel surges, especially when a package is in transit.

Can They Handle Sensitive Deliveries?
Yes! We at Mojo Courier, LLC and our driver partners handle any and all sensitive deliveries in the Oveido and Orlando, FL area. We will do whatever it takes to ensure your package arrives safely and on time. If you are in need of a temperature-controlled environment, white glove transit, 1,2,3-man crew to handle your sensitive delivery we have got it covered.