Meet the Mojo Family!

Hi friend,

Mojo Courier, LLC has been in business for over 12 years now, and I thought that it might be a nice idea to introduce the people behind the business. Without them, we'd never be able to run Mojo as the efficient and effective machine it is.
Scott Tooley - Mojo Courier, LLC Scott Tooley
Founder & CEO

First, of course, there's me, Scott Tooley! I'm the founder and CEO of Mojo Courier, LLC, and after working many years building a successful business, I'm finally doing more right things than wrong. I can't take all the credit, though. My team is the secret, and I'm glad you'll finally get the chance to meet them below.

As for what I do in my free time, I love being fit and staying in shape! I love my CrossFit workouts - they keep me in shape and keep me humble! Beyond that, my wife, Amal, and I enjoy eating out, spending time with family and friends, and traveling, and it's thanks to her in part that I got this business off the ground back in the beginning.

I'll let my other team members introduce themselves:

Ross Leaman - Mojo Courier, LLC Ross Leaman
Operations Manager

Hello, my name is Ross Leaman. I grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania with my four brothers, and my parents were great teachers who provided us with a godly, love-filled home and a home school education. I briefly went to college for engineering, but soon switched to a course for IT administration. Then in 2007, I moved to Illinois, while there I learned a lot as part of Leadership Team Development. In late 2011, I moved to Florida to work with a growing courier business.

I have known Scott Tooley for over a decade, and have benefited in many ways, from knowing him as a mentor and friend to now working with him. Currently I have the pleasure of serving Mojo Courier in many different ways including IT administration, marketing and accounting.

In November of 2011 I started out delivering Amway packages door to door in my car and then in a cargo van. After a few months I moved to a dedicated route delivering truck parts for Freightliner and then Rush Truck Center. When we started medical deliveries with, Westminster Pharmacy, I got a chance to be the lead driver/logistics coordinator for the Orlando location.

After a year and a half with the Pharmacy division, I moved into the truck division with a 16' box truck, at first moving tires from Savannah to Atlanta and back, and on a more local level for ATD, then making a move up to South Carolina doing residential furniture and mattress deliveries as a two-man team.

In 2018 I moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to family, were I take care of most of my duties from my home office. I feel at my best when I am helping a customer or a new contractor. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals in whatever way I can.

Lys Ramos - Mojo Courier, LLC Lys Ramos
Lead Dispatcher

Hey All, my name is Lys and I am the Lead Dispatcher for Team Mojo!

Originally from Pennsylvania, having moved to the sunshine state with my family in 2020 to try something new.

Currently at 15 years of customer service and 10 years of supervisory and management experience. Having gravitated to the transportation and logistics from a long haul in the medical field.

I started the workforce at 14 years old giving me the urge to always be committed to my work and always looking for a way to grow. I am business oriented and have a multitude of experience at such a young age.

I am always looking forward to learning something new and feeding the motto “Lead by example”!

Cherryl Ali - Mojo Courier, LLC Cherryl Ali

Hello my name is Cherryl Ali.

I started with Mojo Courier around the end of 2013 as a delivery driver for Moran Printing. I also did deliveries and pick-ups for Quest Diagnostics and last for Westminster Pharmacy, a medical delivery route.

Then from there I was offered a position in the Mojo Office as Compliance/Office Manager. My duties involve running the office on a daily basis, also the on boarding process of all drivers.

Louis Asencio - Mojo Courier, LLC Louis Asencio
Lead Driver

My name is Louis Asencio I started with Mojo in October of 2020 as a master contractor. My experience has been great. In less than a month, I was asked to be a lead in their Operation with my 32 years of transportation and logistics with 15 of those years being in Operation Management. I love the growth of Mojo and where it is going. I am so humble to be part of this and where my future is going with this company. I look forward to the future to be Mojo Strong.

About me: Born In Queens New york moved to Florida when i was 9 years old so i guess i am a native. I have been married for 4 years. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and also have 4 grandchildren -- 3 girls and one boy. My hobbies are riding my motorcycle, cooking and family Sunday dinners.

Lucas Donlon - Mojo Courier, LLC Lucas Donlon
IT & Technology

Lucas Donlon is a IT Consultant with Mojo Courier who helps people develop, use and integrate IT systems. He takes the hassle out of resolving technical problems and provides training to users to maximize the value of technology in the business. In addition to managing the IT systems, he has a passion for software testing.

On a personal note, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, volunteering at church and with Commission 127, landscaping, muscle cars specifically Mustangs, bringing community awareness to autism and serving a greater God.

Jodie McQuay - Mojo Courier, LLC Jodie McQuay
Web Developer & Marketing

Hello, my name is Jodie McQuay and I am the Web Developer for Mojo Courier, LLC. I began my coding adventures in the 90’s as a hobby. The internet was still relatively new and it was the age of dot coms and teenagers spending all day in chat rooms and posting on message boards (and yes, I was one of them). Back then, I thought that websites were something elite or that only businesses created. When I found out that “regular people” could build them too, I was suddenly determined to find out how it was done. I dove in head first, learning several languages and graphic design. I’ve increased my knowledge base and honed my skills over the years, eventually taking courses to fill in any gaps from my self-teaching and earned an AS in Programming. I am thankful to be able to put my hobby skills to work with Mojo Courier by maintaining the website, writing the company newsletters, and engaging with our customers via social media.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Michael, and our 4 furry children. I am also an artist and have grown fond of paint splotches and ink stains on my hands from time to time. My hobbies never stray from technology for too long though, as I build my own applications for personal use and appreciate having some time to zone out with a great video game.

These are the people who help make Mojo the well-oiled machine it is today.

Thank you for your loyalty! We truly appreciate your business!


Scott Tooley
Owner and CEO
Mojo Courier, LLC